Breads & Rolls



Order must be placed at least one day in advance


Round white artisan loaf with a crisp crust and a chewy crumb.

Italian Bread

Classic bread with torpedo shape with thin, crisp crust and chewy tender crumb.

White Sandwich Bread

Classic American loaf with light brown crust and domed white interior.

Wheat Sandwich Bread

Made with whole wheat flour and wheat germ, the wheat version of classic sandwich bread.


This buttery sandwich loaf is golden in color with a tender crumb.

Wheat Quinoa Bread

This healthy wheat sandwich bread is cooked with quinoa and covered with flaxseeds.

Deli Rye Bread

This tangy flavored bread made with caraway seeds makes delicious sandwiches.




Dinner Rolls  

Tall, soft and fluffy American style dinner rolls are the perfect accompaniment to a delicious dinner, dinner party or holiday meal.
$15.00 Order includes 9 – 12 rolls

Sydney Fan Rolls 

With a nod to the Sydney Opera House, these buttery rolls can be pulled apart for delicious layered goodness at a fancy dinner party or romantic dinner for 2.
$15.00 Order includes 10 - 12 rolls

Honey Wheat Rolls  

These fluffy dinner rolls are made with whole wheat flour and a generous amount of honey for a soft sweet deliciousness.
$17.00 Order includes 9 – 12 rolls

Potato Dinner Rolls

These dinner rolls, with their light, moist crumb, are the apex of your dinner and leaner than traditional dinner rolls.
$8.00 Order includes 9 – 12 rolls


Order must be placed at least 3 days in advance

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