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  • Where is Wilton Dough located?
    Wilton Dough is located online. The Internet is our store front. You can order products 24/7. We bake in Wilton Manors and deliver baked goods for free to locations within 3 miles of Wilton Manors.
  • When will you bake my order?
    We bake on demand. Your order will not be baked until after you have ordered it. Nothing is baked in advance to combat waste of important resources. We want to create a sustainable environment and limit waste. Orders should be placed at least 24 hs in advance.
  • What is a subscription service?
    A subscription service is a new concept for a bakery but similar to other available subscription services. The concept is for an upfront cost, we will bake and deliver products every week or month based on your decision and tastes. You will not need to order or pay again. We will deliver to your door based on your subscription. For example, if you have a weekly bread subscription (see Your Daily Bread) we will bake and deliver a loaf of bread each week to you based on your choice of bread and day of the week.
  • Is the delivery always free?
    No. Free delivery for all locations within 3 miles of Wilton Manors. Outside of 3 miles, there will be a delivery fee.
  • Can i order 4 Muffins or 6 Cookies?
    No. There are minimum order quantities for many of our baked goods. Please make sure to note the minimum order levels in the product menus.
  • How is payment handled at Wilton Dough?
    Payment is electronic only via debit or credit card. Cash will only be accepted for correct change. Delivery person will not have change. All major bank cards are accepted.
  • When will you deliver to my home? What if I am not there?
    We will coordinate delivery times with you for your convenience. Our products are baked and delivered fresh so it’s important to coordinate a suitable delivery time. If that time is later in the day after you return from work or errands, we will be as flexible as possible to get you the freshest baked goods possible.
  • What is "Family Jewels"?"
    Family Jewels is a product we offer to bake your family’s home recipes. If you don’t have the time or desire to bake Grandma’s cookies or bread, we will do it for you. Provide us the recipe and we will make it just like Grandma did.
  • Do you cater?
    Yes. Please look at our Big Batches section of the website for options.
  • Do you bake wedding cakes?
    No. Eventually, we will offer basic undecorated cakes (for example, carrot cake or red velvet cake) on our menu. We will not offer decorated wedding or other special occasion cakes.
  • Do you offer gluten free or non-dairy baked goods?
    No. Wilton Dough is a bakery concentrating on traditional bakery items. We do not bake gluten free or non-dairy. There may be items that are naturally gluten free or non- dairy but we will not make items gluten free or non-dairy that naturally are not.
  • Do you offer items consistent with a keto diet?
    Yes. At the present time, we do offer one keto bread item. In the future, more items may be added based on demand.
  • What if I am allergic to nuts?
    Any baked good with nuts can be made without nuts. Please specify your preference when ordering.
  • Do you ship baked goods?
    No. Wilton Dough is a local bakery serving local residents.
  • What ingredients does Wilton Dough use?
    Wilton Dough strives to use the best and freshest ingredients possible. Any questions on ingredients can be submitted through the website. We are working on a complete listing of ingredients by product in a future website release.
  • Do I need to refrigerate my Wilton Dough purchases?
    Generally, no. If you enjoy a cooler product, go ahead. An airtight container should keep your products fresh for many days. Products can also be frozen if need be.
  • Can I pick up my Wilton Dough order?
    No. The City of Wilton Manors does not allow it. We can be flexible on delivery and can meet you in any mutually agreeable place within the delivery area.
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