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My name is Mike Fahy. I am a baker. I haven’t always been a baker. I found baking and cooking late in life. I created Wilton Dough to share my love of fresh and delicious baked goods with my neighbors in Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, and Fort Lauderdale.

I was born about 60 years ago in western New York state as the youngest of five children. My father was a potato farmer and my mother was a school teacher. I learned the value of hard work from the bottom rung of a large farming enterprise. My Mom was not much of a baker or cook but we did make Christmas cookies every year. Eventually, I took over the cookie baking role by myself and the baking seed was planted.

I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in business management and shortly thereafter moved to Los Angeles. I lived in Los Angeles for over 30 years working finance related jobs for major corporations.


In 2013, my partner and I moved to Wilton Manors to start our new lives. We love it here and with the move came new experiences and new areas of life to explore. Unfortunately, in 2016, I found myself laid off and unwilling to ride the corporate carousel any longer. I worked to make a living but I wanted to experience working at something I really loved to do. Mostly out of an effort to escape depression, I started to bake and the flame was lit again. For the last two years, I have been baking up a storm.

Concentrating on home made bread, muffins, cookies, brownies and bars, Wilton Dough is the vehicle for sharing my love of baking with you. Fresh baked goods like I used to get at my local bakery will now be available here. Baked fresh, delivered fresh and made from the best ingredients.

Wilton Dough is a new concept bakery with the internet as a storefront. Please look around my bakery and let me know if you have any questions.



Looking forward to baking for you.


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